Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bring Me The Head Of Kirith Kodachi II

As I mentioned in this week's podcast episode, BMTHOKK II is officially going to happen. Here is a link in case you need to refresh your memory or want to look at the video again (gah, I so want to redo that video based on what I have learned since then).

Essentially, the next event will be in the summer, most likely August, and on a weekend afternoon so more people can attend. Location to be determined, probably in Placid low sec as that is closer to home now, but Teshkat is still in the running. I'll probably be flying a new Chimera carrier again as it has the defenses to last long enough against moderate firepower.

I'm accepting donations to go towards buying and outfitting the carrier as well as the prizes. Send ISK or contracts to Kirith Kodachi with a description of BMTHOKK II and you'll get a shout out in the official release when it all goes down.

I'm hoping Mike Azariah and the Gallente Hero Channel folks can be pulled away from Sansha incursions long enough to come help defend me again, and I'll be extending an invite to Noir to make a return visit as well.

If any super rich bitter vet wants step up and donate a Wyvern Supercarrier (or the ISK to buy one), I swear I will use that in place of the Chimera.

(Image created by CoolText - please feel free to use the image in your own posts about the event. Thanks!)


  1. Kirith you just had to say "if any super rich bitter vet wants to donate a wyvern." Now I'm gonna have to SERIOUSLY think about doing that lol. :)

    -Lord's Servant

  2. Anonymous7:59 pm

    We'll be there, Kirith.