Monday, February 14, 2011


Shit suddenly got hot in Geminate. Rebellion Alliance was disbanded by a high level malcontent/spy putting the region into turmoil as our current arch enemies, the Drone Russian Forces, launched an all out invasion. The behemoth that is the Northern Coalition started from relative peaceful slumber and orders were given: deploy to support the fight.

So last night I logged the parking alt in and Kirith used the Ninveah to load up Wyvern Shaitann's cargo hold with spare isotopes and liquid ozone, as well as a number of utility ships in the maintenance bay. Then I loaded up the Chimera's hold as well because this was no longer a one man operation; the parking alt (alias Ian) had been training up skills and could now use capital shield transfers and energy transfers. They swapped ships and now my Wyvern had a wingmate with extra energy to top me up after a jump, as well as provide me a spot to swap modules on the fly. Not to mention a scout to jump into a system first to see what's the situation.

NOTE: It still strikes me as funny that I view the Chimera as a cheap and disposable ship.

I reconfigured the supercapital into a travel configuration (8 cap rechargers and 4 cap flux coils) and made my way to the rear deployment area, with an eye towards moving to the forward deployment area tonight, ready for combat.

Thanks to corpie Inferno for providing two cynos in my route. It saved me from having to boot up Kla'strit and get him up there right that moment. He can now follow later when I have time.

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