Thursday, January 27, 2011


So, with the new character creator I've been slowing re-imagining all of my characters and trying various styles, options, etc. I'm glad we had the remap (and get another one tomorrow) because a few characters didn't work out in retrospect.

First we have Kirith with the same appearance but altered portrait. I went with less 'in your face angry' and more 'smouldering resentment'. The shadowing is an attempt to emulate the growing darkness on his soul.

Then we have Kla'strit, my minnie combat and recon pilot. I tried to make him chunkier and yet more angular, and in his portrait I wanted him to look arrogant and disinterested.

With industrial alt Korannon, I wanted him to look more business-like so very Caldari formal wear for him, and I altered his portrait to look more scarred with better lighting and still friendly and open compared to his brother Kirith.

Load that freighter now! I have a run to make.

Korneilia lives in the wormhole overseeing the colonies so in my first attempt I tried to make her look very professional like a corporate leader would. I did not like it. So as you can see in the composite shot below I changed her hair style, makeup, and face angles a bit to make her look more adventurous like I imagine a person living in a wormhole would have to be.

Welcome to my wormhole.
My next two alts, don't see a lot of action but I did spend an inordinate amount of time on their avatars. Selia, on the left below, is supposed to be a broken lost soul who is blind outside of a pod, while Sun Tomah acts as the public relations director of Ninveah Enterprises. These are the original images and neither one worked for me. Selia was too gaunt and the makeup for Sun was too... wrong.

For selia I mostly altered face structure to make her more human, and for Sun I fixed the bad makeup choices. Both of them are much better to me now.
I had something to eat.
Welcome to Ninveah Enterprises.
Finally we have an alt that assists Korneilia in the wormhole with probing. She is young and modelled after my wife as much as we could. There is some similarity to my wife as a young woman, although I probably should have made the hair darker. I also went with a profile portrait for a change.
The eagerness of youth.
There you have it. A lot of fun and it makes the inner roleplayer in me eager for Incarna.


  1. Nice new looks! I thought I'd share mine with you, don't grimace too much :)

  2. Argh.. didn't post as Squizz Caphinator - but that's me...

  3. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Killer job on Kirith and Kla'strit in particular.

  4. Nice pics! Did your wife take part in her own design? (In-game design, that is.)

  5. Yep. We agreed that is close to how she looked 16 years ago when we met :)