Monday, January 17, 2011

Bring Me The Head Of Kirith Kodachi Live Event TONIGHT

Tonight is the big night. One way or another, my Chimera must die. The prizes must be awarded. My pod must be cracked.

A lot of pilots have stepped up to offer support so I have some concern that the attackers will be woefully outnumbered, but I have plans in place to ensure that the prizes will be awarded. Some of the groups offering support:

- Noir Mercenary Group is celebrating their anniversary and will be giving me a honour fleet for defence.

- Franklen of Tactical Support Solutions will be there with some friends.

- Acinom of Not A Lot Of News Newshour podcast will be there to make sure no rogue asteroids threaten me.

- Members of the Gallente Hero Channel have vowed some serious support (with rumours of capital support?!)

- A few m3 Pilots left behind clones and ships after the evac to the North.

- Slootha of Saiph Industries is coming and is offering to donate a prize for " the corp/individual adding up it's total damage off of the Killmail and having that number be higher than any other corp or individual." The prize was impressive so hopefully some hostiles show up to claim it!

In order to help coordinate the myriad forces arrayed for my defence and for the destruction of the Chimera, I've created two new public channels: "BMTHOKK Defenders" and "BMTHOKK Attackers". Ideally we would have everyone in two fleets but the logistics of that may be problematic to setup, so these channels will allow some coordination, especially for smaller groups and individuals to team up.

I will be setting up a fleet myself and any defenders are welcome to join it. Used the BMTHOKK Defenders channel to 'x' up. We will make use of Eve Voice in the BMTHOKK Defenders channel if you wish.

I will be announcing the exact location once I am in place in all the channels including local. You will NOT need to be in a fleet to warp to me, nor will you need to probe me out.

Finally, I kindly ask that any defenders operate under a NRDS policy in the hour before and during the event. A lot of observers and non-combatants may be coming to the event and I'd like to avoid a free-for-all on them until their intentions are known.

See you in space!


  1. If I win a prize it will be that of "Most wrecks left by a single pilot" :))

    I hope it won't be just AMC/MAPU on the offense cuz you're gonna have to self-destruct... unless some of your helpers turn coat. But I'm sure this can never happen of course !!!

  2. That was a blast. Loved the comments in local about "that damn NMG. logi!"

  3. ZOMFG !!!

    And MAPU takes the top damage prize !!!


  4. I loved this, i got 23 mil in loot by shuttle looting t2 mods and armor. Thanks!!

  5. fantastic event ..
    thanks to all for the fun!

  6. Anyone have a link to relevant killmails :)


  7. This should be the link to the summary battlereport:

    (And I just see that I had fit an 800mm instead of a 1600mm plate *duh* - not that it mattered much against 10 attackers.)

  8. Good times. May have lost a bomber but got on 8 great killmails, one of them a certain carrier :)

  9. From AMC's point of view: