Monday, January 10, 2011

BMTHOKK Location Annouced!

The location of Bring Me The Head of Kirith Kodachi Live Event one week from today will be in.... Teshkat, Tash Murkon region.

I know its not part of the contiguous low sec systems so hard core pirates will have some difficulties getting to the event, but you have a week and I'm sure you have "associates" to help in that regard for the goal of getting in on a capital ship killmail. If you need some help, let me know and I will see what I can do.

To recap:
When: Jan 17th, 9pm EST (0200 eve time on Jan 18th)

What: Chimera on a planet or belt in a low sec system (to be announced on Jan 10th) for at least 30 minutes or until dead.

Why: Celebrating 6 years of blogging and upcoming 2000 posts

Who: You and anyone else that shows up.

How: I'll warp to a celestial (no station or gate) in a system to be announced next week and tell everyone in local and the Ninveah channel where I am. Then they can come to shoot or support me. I will fight back but will not warp away for 30 minutes.

There will be prizes:
- Grand Prize for Final Blow on carrier killmail: Navy Armageddon Battleship

- Prize for Most Damage on killmail: Guristas faction Gila Cruiser

- Prize for Final Blow on pod killmail: Imperial Navy Slicer frigate.

So mark the date on the calendar, tell your friends and corpmates, post in forums, blog about it. The more the merrier!

In addition, there will be a pirate faction cruiser prize for getting on the most killmails during the event. This is to help encourage pilots to defend me if the system gets really busy. A few corp mates have indicated that they will be there so more than one m3 Corp killmail is to be had here folk, so let's make this an event to remember!


  1. I'll do my best to put the hype machine in high gear >:)

  2. Isn't the 2nd part of the Incursion Release supposed to be coming out that day?

    Hope it doesn't interfere with your event. It sounds like really good fun :)

  3. I was really looking forward to this, but its starting to sound like you might just end up sitting there while Noir and those other guys instantly obliterate anyone who comes by.

    I doubt nullsec guys are going to take the time to come all the way out there just for a carrier kill; since they aren't all that rare in null. That leaves pirates and the empire ppl no?

  4. @Laedy - Hopefully the expansion does not start until closer to traditional downtime at 1100.

    @Davou - Hopefully the Noir guys are extra incentive for a big alliance to come out looking for a good fight instead of just a kill.

    In either scenario, I have contingency plans in place.

  5. Anonymous2:16 pm

    INB4 Pandemic Legion Supercap Legion Drop.

  6. Votes for ccp dropping a sansha supercap on you? :)

  7. @rzal2 - I can only hope! :)

    @Kalaratiri - That would be AWESOME.