Wednesday, January 05, 2011

BitterVet Lottery

Lord's Servant, a pilot that frequents my in game channel "Ninveah" (also the channel of Not A Lot of News Newshour podcasters Jason (Acinom) and Erin (Arywdd Anunununununenen or something like that)) asked me to shill his lottery where he is raffling a Nyx supercarrier BPO:
This lottery is for a Nyx (gallente mothership) Blueprint Original.

This BPO is ME 1 / PE 0

2,400 Tickets Totalling 24b Isk

Tickets Cost 10mil (10,000,000) isk each.

Isk is to be sent to Lord's Servant (the character posting) with the reason

Note: I do not endorse nor secure this lottery, I am only passing on the info. However I have no reason to believe this is a scam and in fact I will be buying a ticket myself.

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