Friday, December 03, 2010

Age of Caldari?

First the Drake army and now... Shield Tanked Battleship Fleets? Eve News 24 reports:
Looking over killboards, many readers have sent emails and msn convoes, why the hell IT Alliance keeps requesting shield tanked battleships for the operations with INIT against StainWagon.

Seeing shield tanked apocs, abadonns, megathrons and rokhs made many of you question the sanity of IT command. We reserached little bit about the topic and brought you the best possible answer to that.
Read the whole thing. Then ask yourself, what is the best ship for using long range turrets and having a passive shield tank buffer? Apoc? Not enough mid slots. Megathron? Not enough mid slots. Maeltrom? Active shield tanking bonus.

Nope, the Rokh beats them all with the 5% bonus to resistances per level, lots of mid slots, and the optimal range bonus means less effort to shot higher powered armour further. If this trend continues, Rokh armies could be around the corner....

One can dream.


  1. Hmmm. As I recall, the Rokh isn't a missile boat either - which means CCP won't have to nerf it for bottle-necking their CPUs.

    But damn - that's one ugly boat. It's like a locomotive in space. A ship only a train-spotter could love.


  3. Sorry Kirith - Didn't realize you were into train spotting.

  4. lol. I still watch Eve Hell from time to time just for the Rokh bits. Even though I haven't flown or owned one since... well since bad times. sniff

    Funny how all this Caldari love comes a year after I really needed it. Sheesh.

  5. It becometh the truth