Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wyvern Versus New Sansha Supercarrier

So CCP Ytterbium released the current test statistics of the new Sansha supercarrier today. I of course immediately decided to compare this new ship with my toy, the Wyvern.

(Attempting to embed a Google Docs document...)

Overall, the Sansha supercarrier seems designed for ganking since it has the 5% bonus to fighter/fighter-bomber damage per level of Caldari carrier and the ability to use 6 Drone Control Units. So potentially 26 fighter drones at 25% plus damage is like 31.25 normal super carrier fighter drones. In other words, it hits like 1.5 Wyverns without drone control units. Ouch. Add to that the 30% bonus to jump range and it can reach out farther and faster than its non-faction brethern.

Tanking-wise, the new faction ship loses out with only 7 mid slots for a shield tank, not to mention that shield tanking is frowned upon by the armour tanked majority (stupid Slave sets). PLus it lacks the Wyvern's 5% bonus per level to shield resistances.

Overall, its not going to knock anyone's socks off in performance. This is probably a good thing as we don't need to encourage supercap proliferation any more than it already is. I won't be training up Amarr carrier skills for this any time soon.


  1. Awesome you did this, i really wanted to know how it is compared to normal Sc but was too lazy to check all the attributes myself ^^

  2. Anonymous4:12 pm

    I still bet the first BPC to hit the auction block sets a lot of records for most expensive item.

  3. i see it selling for 20-30 bil easy at least the first few.

    these still wont have anything on the unique ships though costwise.

    as for the stats on the sansha sc, looks to be very similar to the nyx damage wise with an ever so slight advantage with that 6th dcu. tankwise its slightly lower resists not to mention its lack of the resistance bonus i see as troublesome. either way its a faction sc though hopefully they throw us non superrich folks a bone and bring us NORMAL faction capitals.....

  4. Gone to CVA, hmmm?

    When I saw the announcement that you were leaving RAGE and it was going to be a long haul, I wondered if M3 was crawling back to CVA.

    But there's no way, I thought. Couldn't be. After what CVA done to Paxton? These guys have got way more pride than that.

    Well. Seems the taste of shame and humiliation washes out of the mouth faster up North.

    Must be the water.

  5. Everyone deserves a second chance.