Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Small Contributions

The battle for LXQ rages on and m3 Corp continues to send ships there to help out. Check out the rough draft of a new recruitment poster by corp mate Xenon above. He wanted a shout out to Rixx Javix for the style, so.... .

Last night I logged in and moved my +4 implant clone down to low sec for logistic purposes. I have three other jump clones in null sec, one a dedicated Supercarrier pilot with expensive implants, one a +3 implant for PvE work, and another with bare bone cheap implants for PvP. This last one I jumped into before grabbing an Interceptor and pairing up with corp mate Darth Skorpius for a quick run to LXQ2-T to join in the fun.

It was a quite night, started with camping a gate before joining a fleet to kill a POS. Obviously an interceptor was going to be insufficient for that task so I docked up in the NC owned station and quickly bought an Abaddon and outfitted it with pulse lasers and radio crystals. That gave me enough range to hit the tower. I would have preferred a good Rokh or Megathron but options were limited in the market.

We killed one tower and moved on to a second. No POS modules to account for and the fleet was quite large with capitals and a titan on the field, so it was short work. There was a few hostile stealth bomber runs but we were spread out and as far as I know casualties were light. One friendly pilot bumped the titan though and got doomsdayed for his impertinence. 

With the enemy towers disposed of, we went back to gate camping but the hostiles ran off and I decided to call it an early night as there was nothing else scheduled but some POS reinforcement ops that I would have had to travel back to RAGE space for.

The excitement may have been low, but every contribution helps in a time of war. Plus I'm ready for next time I log in to jump right in and die in a fire.

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