Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Project Hades Status Report

Yesterday I received my latest shipment from the wormhole and it marked 9 weeks of effort. I did a quick estimate of the value and combined with the sold value of the other loads I've picked up I've made about 440 million ISK in 9 weeks, or roughly 48.8 million ISK a week. That's with one character and five planets with advanced command centers.

My colonies have been streamlined and are only producing robotics, coolant, and oxygen with some surplus water being shipped out as well. My latest load had 1941 Robotics, 4435 units of Coolant, and 87189 units of Oxygen (water was negligible) which values around 160 million due to the rising prices of robotics and coolant.

I know there are people who are making more ISK with different strategies but I'm happy with the amount of effort and return I am getting now. I am considering dropping Oxygen production for more coolant factory lines, but its only a minor thought. We'll see what the new planetary interaction changes bring in Incursions.


  1. hey, do you transport the base metals to one central production planet?

  2. For robotics, I extract the four resources on two planets (i.e. 2 resources on each) and produce them to the tier 1 products on site. Then ship the tier 1 products to a manufacturing world to be produced into the tier 2 products and then robotics.

    Oxygen and coolant had then full production lines on single planets but yesterday I revamped for two planets working on coolant, one to extract aqueous liquids and produce water, the other to extract ionic solutions and produce electrolytes. Then I will ship those to the manufacturing planet to make coolant.