Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Diving Back Into Providence

Last night I finished the last jump of my carrier into Sukanan and decided to run a ship over to the low sec staging area near Providence. I decided on a good solid Myrmidon called Vexo's Special which is nice and flexible for solo work as well as small fleets. I would need more ships later but I picked this one to start in case I ran into something fun to shoot in low sec.

As I arrived I got word of a fleet in action just inside Providence so i joined it. The op was short lived but I was part of it long enough to help kill a passing Dominix.

The fleet returned to low sec and disbanded with word of another action a bit later. I then realized I was still in my +4 clone and my +3s were back in Forge region. I decided that discretion was called for and I jumped back to pick up one of my PvP clones and did some shopping, buying an Ishtar for myself and a Charon freighter for my alt.

A good start after a week of moving stuff. Still have to move more stuff to the war zone but that's a lot closer and should be easily done with a single carrier jump sometime this week.

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