Monday, October 04, 2010

This and That

I made a stupid mistake yesterday which left me angry with myself all day, but things improved in the evening with a nice loot drop. Want details? Listen to Broadcasts from the Ninveah episode 19!

Yeah yeah, shameless self promotion and all that. I could have easily made that story and the accompanying thoughts on the difficultly of destroying POSes into blog posts, but I wanted some relevant and hopefully interesting content for the podcast. It leads to the question of why bother doing a podcast at all? Well, I consider myself a successful Eve blogger but the fact of the matter is that podcasting reaches a larger audience with less effort, and I think that the two in conjunction have the best of both worlds.

So why am I so concerned with reaching a large audience? Well, it comes down to one simple fact: I like people. I like talking with people, I like being known as someone people can come talk to. I like being considered an expert in Eve Online (as much as any single person can be) and I like to share information to help other people enjoy the game more. My motto of "Do Stuff With Others" applies here because two way communication is a way of doing stuff. I feel like the podcast has given me some rapport with the other podcasters, even though their effort into podcasting is obviously much greater.

Another reason I'm doing the podcast is for the experience and practice. I have issue with public speaking for a variety of reasons, and although I can type up a storm and feel good about what I wrote, I can think about what to say and then trip over my own tongue trying to get it out, usually failing horribly. The goal is for the podcast to grease those thoughts to mouth wheels in my brain and help me speak with more confidence.

Anyways, what I'm trying to do is use material for the podcast that fits better with the storytelling and stick the more visual and information heavy stuff in the blog. It doesn't always work that way, but meh whatever. Listeners and readers get what they pay for. ;)

 * * * * *

In a related note, I decided to start a public channel where people can come and hang out. It seems a lot of the cool bloggers and podcasters have their own channels so I thought what the hey, it costs nothing to set up. So feel free to drop in the channel "Ninveah" in game and give me or one of my numerous alts a wave and a hello. I'll warn you I'm not online a lot, but I'll be using the message of the day for notes and announcements and you can find me in there usually most Monday evenings (GMT-5) as that's my gaming night.

* * * * *
A question for podcast listeners. Do you think I need outro music to end the episode? And what's your thought about music during the podcast, low level background stuff? I'm not partial to the background music because it tends to get in the way sometimes of hearing the speakers (I'm looking at you Jade) but I feel like the end of my episodes need something more. Hmmm....

* * * * *
I've got about 62 screenshots to go through, not including the five I sent to The Ancient Gaming Noob for his screenshot contest, and then I'll post the best ones up this week. I got some good shots including me in a Tengu absorbing Citadel Torpedo hits from an NPC outpost.


  1. Speaking of "Doing Stuff With People"...

    Corporation Cooperation

  2. Yes, I saw that last week, thanks for the shout out :)

  3. No such thing as too much music, except when you're talking of course :)

    I'll drop by the channel some time this week.

  4. Anonymous7:03 am

    I dropped in last night and had a quick yack. I'll be sure to drop back again though!

  5. Agreed with Cozmik..
    Music while talking = bad...even a little
    Music while not talking = matter how much/loud