Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tales of a Planetary Overlord

Life in the wormhole continues to be quiet and productive, my five to ten minutes of effort in the morning netting me a good amount of ISK.

The routine is pretty set now. Every morning before downtime I reset the extractors on the Lava, Plasma, Ice,  and Gas Giant planets. Every third morning I then drop by the lava and plasma customs office to pick up the loads of toxic metals, precious metals, chiral structures, and reactive metals and drop them off at the Temperate planet that is my manufacturing base, picking up any robotics, mechanical parts, and enriched uranium there.

Also, once a week I drop by the gas giant and ice planet for the oxygen and coolant. And then every two weeks I look for the high sec exit and drop all the items in the Orca off at a high sec station, contracting to my empire alt for distribution to the hubs.

I'm am thinking of concentrating efforts into simply Robotics however. Since I'm not actually fueling any towers the Oxygen and Coolant production lines are merely distractions and I think a better approach would be to focus on one end product in high demand. Debate continues in my head; I might wait until Incursions before doing any major revamps.

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