Monday, October 18, 2010

Providence In Flames And Other Stuff

So, Noir Mercenary Group has had enough of Providence petty politics and is pulling out, leaving its territory to CVA in the process. With Damu'Khonde already pulling out, Triple-A out of the equation, and no superpower looking to invade and enforce order, Providence has devolved into a certain kind of chaos.

Its fascinating to watch from the sidelines, and I'm willing to be a lot of people are having fun in there with lots of potential PvP close by. I wish there were more regions like this where small empires could coexist in hostile harmony. Maybe someday I'll go back there and fly around looking for trouble, checking out the old haunts.

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The Ancient Gaming Noob's Eve screenshot contest finished and I won the Ringed Planet category with this image of a Rifter taking off in warp.

Some excellent shots in there, I encourage you to go see them.

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New dev blog today talking about how rockets are getting a boost (good), Hawk is getting better bonus (so its actually more DPS than Kestrel finally?), Tech II short range ammo getting balanced (better than faction ammo finally), faction ships available on market (YAY), and fighter bombers on super carriers getting changed from using real missiles (holy lag Batman!) to "fake missiles" which are really just turret weapons now. The upshot of this change is that they " have been more stringent on bombers being more focused on being a threat to capital ships rather than melting regular sub-capital ship classes [and]will be much less effective against sub-capital class ships now and in this scenario you should switch to using fighters". As long as the DPS against structures and cap ships remains consistent then I am perfectly fine with this change. I have more than enough drone bay space for lots of other drones for smaller targets.

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Other screenshots I submitted to the contest:


  1. Hey we still have sov in Providence! Well after kicking -A- out of Impass I think I'll start roaming around in there again, maybe I'll bump into some old CVA buddies of ours and say Hi for you! With my missiles!!

  2. I was in Providence not even a month, but despite -A-'s promise of no Sov warfare I knew things would degenerate back to that in a really short time; you Paxton guys sure didn't help by killing station services, but in your shoes I would've done the same. So I said "screw the sov bull@£¢¤, I'm out."

    And now it will become a cesspool of blob fests.