Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ignorance Is Bliss

I love Eve podcasts, I really do. Hell, I started one myself I like them so much!

But what is it about Eve podcasters being so crucially ignorant about upcoming releases? I must be in a minority because I hunt down all information about upcoming expansions religiously, track the changes reported on Sisi, and generally make sure I know what to expect come the day it arrives.

I'm listening to the 2.5 hour Fly Reckless episode with guest Jade and Jayne from Lost In Eve (two of the top podcasts for Eve out there right now) and several times I just have to shake my head at the collective ignorance of Incursions and Incarna. A couple off the top of my head:

- No, you do not have to exit your ship to access station services when Incarna comes out. Walking in stations is always an option but not mandatory.
- The Sansha ships for Incursions will deal all damage types, EM and Therm from lasers as per now, and new Kinetic/Explosive missiles. This will prevent players from resist tanking like they do with normal rats in missions/ratting.
- The incursions will be happening in high sec, low sec, null sec. Not just low sec. Yes, pirates will be a problem in low sec but people serious about doing this content will figure out how to deal with it.

I guess part of the problem is that instead of playing Eve I can only read about it, so I know more but have less hands on experience. To be honest, I'd rather have the opposite problem.

(NOTE: upon re-reading my post, it occurs to me that the words "ignorant" and "ignorance" could be construed as intending to be insulting in today's modern vernacular. Rest assured that is not my intention and I use the words as per their definition of "not knowing about", instead of the common "you idiot, you don't even know you don't know!")

(NOTE #2: if you are not listening to Fly Reckless, Lost In Eve, or Not A Lot Of News Newshour Eve podcasts, you are missing out!)


  1. Just a tad harsh I think. They are not literally ignorant, they know most of the information, just missing some details.

  2. I guess I'm frustrated with the number of times I've listened to Eve podcasts and the podcasters are not up to date on the information they are discussing and sometimes railing against.

    I am, however, not exempt from this rule. In my podcast on Microtransactions Jason from Notalotofnewshour pointed out I got the remap cooldown wrong (12 mnths instead of 6) and the price of a plex wrong (17 dollars instead of 15).