Monday, September 20, 2010

Trust? In my Eve?

Last night the PvP channels were quiet and the corp chat was low numbers of people mostly plexing for ISK to pay for the next shiny PvP ship. I checked my channels and my partner for Project Hades was online which was good because I hoped it would mean he could help me get my probing alt and Korneilia with an Orca full of Command Centres into the Project Hades system (herein known as Hades Prime).

He agreed and pulled me into a channel with the current original residents whom I shall call the Fish People like my partner Nhi'Sidaris does on his blog. Apparently Nhi has worked with the Fish People more closely, even going so far as exposing his own Orca to danger to help them close wormholes. Our non-aggression pact has been upgraded to mutual cooperation pact.

The static high sec wormhole was in deep Amarr space, somewhere in Devoid region which was 20 jumps for my prober in her frigate and 25 jumps for Korneilia in her Orca. Yuck. Nevertheless, I decided to make a run for it. While I was busting my ass we chatted with the Fish People in our shared system channel and talked about things like the new salvage ship being released in the next expansion (I take credit for that due to my scathing editorial in the Eve Tribune about how the gift ship Primae was a wasteful shame ;-) ).

My probing alt in her frig got to the high sec system first and one of the Fish People provided a warp in to the wormhole. No funny stuff, but who wants to gank a tech 1 frigate when an Orca is on the way?

Half an hour later the Orca arrived. I warped to the womrhole and the Fish People CEO says in chat, "My Broadsword is going to lock you on this side of the wormhole, but don't panic. Its for webs."

Alarm bells start ringing. Should I trust him, this guy I don't know from Adam? Should I decline and stay in high sec? They had plenty of opportunity to get Nhi'Sidaris' Orca... but this is Eve. Trust no one.

So what did I do? Does anyone remember me saying that the super carrier made everything else seem cheap and expendable? Yeah, I jumped. Without hesitation.

Sure enough, the Heavy Interdictor locked me up as I started to align, the bracket turned red as the webber took hold... but no bubble or point. I aligned and warped out without a problem. There are good people in Eve after all.

With that I logged Korneilia out and back into Kirith to help clear out a plex with a Tengu I had. Nice PvE ship it is, lots of DPS and agility with good tank. This week I shall begin setting up my colonies in Hades and see if we can't make a new decent revenue stream.

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