Monday, September 27, 2010

It's Been One Week...

So its been one week of the colonies running in Wormhole Hades and its time to do a review of our progress.

I have five colonies setup using advanced control centres which is the max for my current skills (although I'm training now for elites centres and will train for a sixth colony). I do not plan to make another character doing PI as I don't want this to become a chore. I primarily log in before leaving for work in the morning and reset the extractors on 23 hour cycles, expect the Oxygen producing Gas planet colony which I put on 4 day cycles. This past week I have been checking in on the colonies in the evenings to make sure I don't overproduce or underproduce on the extractors so that I get a nice balance of not building up the P0 resources while not have factories sit idle too much.

Fig 1 - Week One Results

The week one results are above in figure 1. As you can see, one week produced about 37.5 million ISK worth of good at the best Jita buy orders sufficient to move my volume. That translates to roughly 150 million ISK per month. This does not include the the prices of the command centres or colonies themselves, but its safe to say they will be paid off after the first week of operation, while the ongoing cost of moving goods from the surface to the customs office (and vice versa) will be absorbed easily.

The next question is whether or not I should specialize and drop the Enriched Uranium and Mechanical Parts from my production chain as end products (since the Mechanical parts are used in the construction of the Robotics, I would still make them, just use them myself). I'm surprised the Mechanical parts are cheaper than coolant and enriched uranium actually because the latter are not used in tech II production like mechanical parts are.


  1. 37 million in one week? in a wormhole? That seems terribly low kirith, my 5 planet lowsec setup does between 15 and 20 million /per day/ depending on the market, and WH planets are much much better?

    IR confused.

  2. /agree with Helicity -- that does seem awfully low.

    Also, a 6th planet will get you 21-ish new extractors/processors, while training for Elite level only gets you 2 more per planet and of course requires destroying/remaking your current setups. As a result, training the 6th planet 1st is far more efficient. . . .

  3. Well, I didn't have all my colonies up and running at full capacity until middle of the week so my results might be skewed low. I also could quadrple my oxygen with 23 hr cycles and more procesors. For the effort I put in, I'm happy with 37 mil.