Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Expanding My Domain

My coolant producing facilities on a Storm planet in low sec are working quite well and with that handily under control I decided to add to my empire by creating a sister colony on a barren planet to produce mechanical parts to add to the POS fuel generation. While the amount being produced every day is small right now as I ramp up production, its very easy as I don't need to visit the planets in order to manage them. That's +1 for CCP.

I'm debating where to expand to next. I could either get two more planets to produce coolant and mechanical parts on and go from there, or I could look at producing Oxygen or Enriched Uranium. Oxygen is easy being a P1 product and requiring only one resource, but Enriched Uranium would require a rarer Plasma planet for both heavy and noble metals or two planets for the extraction of the resources. I'll have to see what is available nearby.

Another option is to go for the Robotics production. Being a P3 product it will probably require at least two planets, one for producing more mechanical parts and another for producing consumer electronics. I think I might leave that effort for another day as I don't want to overwhelm myself with PI work.

To help my planning I've been making extensive use of the PI Tools website of the 4WARD Inc corporate website. Highly recommended.


  1. I've been working PI again for the past couple of weeks since I moved to null. My corp industry director has asked me to churn out the P4 nano-factories. What's fun about them is that technically you only need 2 planets to make them, but so many different resources are needed that you're using all 5 of 1 types, and 4 of the other's. This hurts actual production numbers. . . .

    Solved readily enough by using 2 each of those planets, but even there, trying to find enough stuff to pull from the hotspots while having enough processors and storage. . . . . I'm training a 2nd character on my account solely for PI now to help with the sheer amount of stuff. Just a few more days until he's done!

    Thing about the 2nd character is that he doesn't really need to add that much to the main character's supplies, so he'll have plenty left over to be making coolant or parts or whatever. Should be fairly lucrative once I get everything all set up. We got a lot of good planets out in my part of space.

  2. If you need a planet finder tool, then you should try this one:
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