Friday, August 13, 2010


Let us count the ways that this fit is an Epic fail for a supercarrier, even if it was just doing anomalies.

1) Expanded probe launcher taking up a high slot. Come on, surely a cheap alt with a tech I astro frig could handle that duty?

2) Three drone control units because 17-20 drones is not enough already to kill rats.

3) A-Type deadspace shield booster, X-Large. On an armour tanking ship with capital armour repper.

4) I can sort of forgive the drone upgrades in the mid slots... on a Dominix. Seriously, 17 drones of many many types. Drone upgrades are a waste unless you are lazy or stupid.

5) Inertial stab and nanofiber mods in the lows because you needed to be just that much faster and agile.

6) Dropped modules: two deadspace mods and two officer mods. Sweet!

7) Killed by mostly sub-capital fleet (saw two carriers and a dreadnought).

Anything I missed? So sorry I missed this.

Vicbar Fighter, consider yourself named and shamed.


  1. All i have to say is, i LOVEEEE your killboard. shows like the entire ship fitting screen. kinda sweet. id almost consider joining you guys just so i can use the KB...

  2. I saw a Wyvern in the killmail also, along with 4 or 5 carriers and a couple of dreads. But the vast majority of the fleet was subcaps, and the caps themselves were pretty far down the mail on the "damage done" part. BS's were far and away the highest damage dealers.

  3. It's a plug in for the EDK. EvE Ship Display Tool (Beta v0.93) developed by Spark's (Chris Sheppard)

    Lot of credit to the mod it is awesome. On the topic of the fitting that's just awful setup for a ship of that quality. Doing something you can fit an Ishtar for.

  4. Another case of more ISK than sense. I would be very interested in the reason his corp and alliance allowed him to fly such a fail-fit.

  5. One part of me says he should simply biomass and never play EVE again, but another part of me says he should continue playing, without any ship fitting help whatsoever... I dream of being on killmails like this one !!!!