Monday, July 26, 2010

Ushra'Khan Should Have Known Better

When I heard Saturday morning that Ushra'Khan had been infiltrated and disbanded, I thought to myself, "Good".

Apparently, a member of Hydra Reloaded alliance spent a single year to join a corp in UK and work up the ranks to the position of Head Diplomat, which apparently gave him access to the alliance controls. He then kicked all corps out of the alliance and stole as much stuff as he could in the process. I think this is all part of a Hydra Reloaded assault on Providence but that could be just noise.

While I know some good people that were in UK, I won't miss the alliance for two main reasons:

1) Smacktalk: they were notorious smacktalkers, both in game and on blogs. We couldn't win with them, either we brought "blobs" to beat them, ran when they had superior numbers, or failed to catch them when they cloaked up. I know smack talk is part of the game as a psychological tool but for UK, they were just tools. If you are going to smacktalk, at least use some imagination.

2) They claimed they wanted "good fights" in New Providence yet used the flimsiest excuse to rally the New Providence holders and kick Paxton Federation out. I understand why they did what they did because one on one Paxton was a match for any of the new Holders, possibly even UK itself, but I still hate them for it.

Yeah, in this case, I'm bitter.

At the end of the day UK leadership should acknowledge that they were responsible. Any alliance in today's Eve that lets someone only a year in the alliance move up the chain of command to a point where his finger is beside the big red button deserves to die. Rotten from within I suppose.

This does not excuse CCP for their inaction on fixing alliance mechanics such that a colossal single blow against an alliance is possible. I'm a fan of what they are trying to do with Planetary Interaction, Dust integration, and even Incarna but this type of defect in the game should be addressed. For shame.

NOTE: No podcast recording due to getting home really late last night. But I got some great intro music from the man himself so I'm excited about recording soon. Now I just have to figure out how to use it in Audacity!


  1. LOL.

    You blobbed the gates around D-GT and scrambled a fleet of 30+ BCs for a cloaky vaga.

    Still, have your shadenfreude moment - we'll be back soon.

  2. To grab a file,

    Select : File > Import > Audio >browse to the right file. Click ok.

    If it is stereo and you have audio.
    Highlight the file, then select Track > Change Stereo to Mono.

  3. Aww dont be bitter, its just internetpixels!

    I am always amused on how much resentment this game can cause between two factions, who are in reality very similar alliances with the same kind of players in them.

    I dont think Tarac Nor planned this from the beginning, it was more of a "low ethics player gets an opportunity" in my view..

    And dont judge U'K by Butter Dog.. in an alliance of 1000+ there is bound to be some rotten eggs ;)

  4. Pff... CCP doesn't have time to fix issues and balance the game that we pay monthly for... they have more important shit to do, like put most of their developers on teams that are working completely unrelated projects that nobody asked for. Don't be so demanding.

  5. Looks like U'K (most of them) just joined Circle of Two, so no re-forming the Alliance as was being rumored. Which is a shame, since Wrath of Khan would be an awesome Alliance name.

  6. CO2 were kind enough to let us join them temporarily. The alliance will be reformed - we currently have a 10 page treadnaught on what name we should pick;)

  7. Trouble is, people who are talented at leadership, diplomacy, administration et al can be hard to find. They tend to rise through the ranks fairly quickly through alliance ranks - unless the alliance is top heavy with directors.

    How long should a person of value be in an EVE alliance before being given a director's role? One year? Five? Ten?

  8. Surely there is a difference between being given responsibility and being given the power over the alliance completely. From the sounds of it, it was a combination of power due to setting standings requiring director status, poor corp voting mechanics by CCP, and not enough attentive directors.

    Ultimately the blame falls on CCP.

  9. What no one blames MTV anymore??

    Guess it's finally out of what, no one blames THEMSELVES??

    That will NEVER be in style ^_^