Monday, June 07, 2010

Filled with RAGE!

Or more accurately, affiliated with R.A.G.E alliance. See what I did there? I know, I'm freaking hilarious.

When it was becoming obvious to M3 Corp's leadership that Paxton Federation was headed to an unhappy place, old contacts were pinged and pleasantries exchanged. As soon as Paxton Industries pulled the plug, we had a potential new home lined up and we made the call. Go North Young Men!

As soon as RAGE alliance agreed to let us join, the massive logistic chain from southern Amarr space to Northern Caldari space was formed and on the weekend the capitals were moved, including the Wyvern in an impressive little carrier group. Kudos to my corp mates for the escort over the 3-4 jumps needed through pirate infested territory. Not being able to dock sucks sometimes.

We didn't have any dangerous situations develop; just a pirate Rupture at one system and a Vagabond at another that come in for a look at the cyno. No one was foolish enough to risk the wrath of 100+ drones. In short order we were in our new home. More cap runs were made for stragglers and dreadnoughts and soon the corp was effectively moved. The alliance application went active and we are officially part of the Northern Coalition.

Now begins the process of assimilating all the new information such as forums, chat channels, chains of commands, official fleet setups, bases of operation, jump bridges, cyno beacons, and so forth and so on.


  1. Awesome news! I have read your blog for some time now and I want to say welcome to the NC. Happy to be blue with you. If your ever in MM space I might see you and give a hollar in local.

  2. Looking forward to more news of adventures in your new home :) I think it would be interesting for those who've never experienced it to read in a little more detail just how ones goes about moving such a large quantity of capitals so great a distance. Maybe an idea for a future post?

  3. Hope the north treats you and M3 well!

  4. welcome to the north mate hehe bout time you guys joined the fun :) hope to see you online and in gang sometime.