Monday, June 21, 2010

Congrats to Pandemic Legion

Pandemic Legion won the 8th Alliance Tournament on the weekend with a convincing win over Hydra Reloaded.

The excitement that the alliance tourney generates in the Eve community is phenomenal and the unique ships as prizes for the top two teams are brilliant: worth vast sums of ISK while not imbalancing any way in PvP or PvE. I know I would kill a few people in Eve for a unique ship (Guardian Vexor is top of the list for any generous readers ;)

In order to continue to mask my lack of Eve time (going on three weeks, whelp!) I'm going to run a quick series on the unique ships looking at them from a layman's perspective and what they are capable of so us normal folk can be more familiar with them.

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  1. next year pl next year.......

    a series on the unique ships should be a very interesting read kir and i look forward to it, and please try to poke your head in a bit more often from time to time itd be nice to fly with you again.