Tuesday, May 18, 2010


My combat alt Kla'strit had to give up his Sleipnir back when D-GTMI fell to AAA and I never got around to getting him a new one. I decided to rectify that and planned out a new command ship for gang work and a Wolf assault ship for ratting in NPC space to build back up my sec status during quiet times.


As you can see, its built for quick hard fights where we get in fast, blow shit up, and leave the scene. It can take quite a bit of abuse while the cap holds out, and still throw a point on the target.


I built this around two goals: able to rat while speedy and cap stable with armour repper and afterburner on. With a 33 meter signature and over 1100 m/s speed, it should be able to avoid the rat battleship weapon and get me the kills I need to improve that sec status.

Comments welcome.


  1. How about dropping the overdrive for a nanofiber internal? Adds a little less speed but does give agility to help a little avoiding a few more shots?

  2. Pretty good Sleipnir fit, all in all. Expensive point... I think you can fit a Faint Warp Disruptor I on there, instead.

    Since the Sleipnir gives no bonuses to gang links, I'd also give some strong consideration to Shield Harmonizing or Interdiction Maneuvers gang links, for tank and for tackle.

    Pro Tip for the x-large burst tank, though: Always, always run the shield booster and cap booster overheated. There is no good reason not to.

    As for the Wolf, I'm really not sure at all that thing requires cap stability. You should be able to replace at least one of those rigs with something else, like an ambit extension.

  3. The best way to fit a Wolf for doing nullsec ratting is to go for a medium shield extender and afterburner in the midslots. Fit the lows and highs for maximum damage and use the rig slots to either add HP or resists. You can easily get under the guns of cruisers, battleships won't hit you, and frigates and destroyers will melt.

    When I first started Eve I used a setup like that to make my ISK ratting in Stain.

  4. What kind of hardware is your skull sporting, if I may ask? I don't get anywhere near your damage levels for the Wolf, even with maxed skills.

  5. That's with no implants. Do you mean actual game DPS or EFT numbers? If you mean EFT, can you show your fitting?

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  7. Aw, crud. Didn't know it would leave the blank space in the comments. Anyway, here goes:

    (I'm using EFT v 2.11)

  8. "I'm using EFT v 2.11"

    Well there's your problem! Didn't the projectile rebalancing occur in Dominion? I'd get the latest EFT and check your setup then.

  9. D'oh! It seems like i downloaded it only a few weks ago.