Monday, May 10, 2010

U'K Strikes Back!

Last night I logged in looking for a little roaming action and immediately found out that Ushra'Khan and friends had come back for another round of Sov War. This time it appears that they have learned a lesson about a direct attack on a single system and instead spread out to attack several systems at once, using superior numbers to maintain space superiority (their fleet estimate numbers had four times more than we had online) and putting down a staging POS or two.

I logged in Kla'strit and found myself in a ratting Typhoon three jumps from my PvP ships with lots of reds about. I spent a few minutes checking intel and getting a feel for things, and then I made a run through a couple jumps and a jump bridge before docking at base, breaking out Barker my snipe Tempest, and joining the fleet.

Our FC, Rex, tried to get us a fight we could go toe-to-toe in but the enemy was having none of that shit and we were forced to withdraw. Best advice was to ride out the stormfront, make plans, and get ready for the defence. With my crappy playtime I'll probably miss most of it but I'll be cheering from the sidelines. Sigh.

The rest of my time online I spent pricing out modules for Vendetta Arcanum. Soon it will be operational, it not optimal.

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