Monday, May 17, 2010

New Look

Rettic of Chronofile fame has updated my banner and background for me. What do you think? I also want to send a thank you to Zargyl who offered up this image which ran a close second... I mean, TWO chimeras! Makes me double happy.


In other news, I've been following the new Live Events on the server with great interest and I think this is an awesome new development for immersion in Eve. Good work CCP. I wish I could get online and participate.

Also, the news that Tyrannis is being delayed for a week and that they are staging the release so that people can scan planets before the land rush begins and that the NPC producers will be phased out later is a good idea. Still, if your corp/alliance runs a lot of towers you might want to stockpile on Robotics, Coolant, etc before the NPC producers shut down. I expect prices to rise a lot when it becomes player driven.

I want to get into a small part of Planetary Interaction but with my time constraints we'll have to see what I can manage. I might aim to produce something small like robotics or coolant that is always in demand. Still, I really like where this expansion is going.


  1. Congratulations to Rettic, that new banner looks really cool! (And meshes quite well into the background of the page while "exploding" the title to the foreground). I have to admit that I like it even better than the one Rettic did for CrazyKinux ... 0:-)

    Thankx for posting my try at it as well btw! :-)

    On the posponing of PI: I concur, its nice we are getting a bit time now to look into it on TQ as well as to skill for it before it goes "completely life".

  2. "I expect prices to rise a lot when it becomes player driven."

    I don't quite see this in the short term. I think what will happen is this:

    Very beginning: NPC stocks of low end NPC goods diminished, all players still embyonic.

    Early stages: Massive uptake as everyone all across eve wants to play with the new shiny. Big supply of low end stuff like Construcion Blocks and Robotics. Desperate shortage of high end stuff like POS modules, for reasons described by Letrange

    Mid stages: Market flattens out. The low end glut ebbs as people get bored and realise the market is glutted. It will be almost impossible for players to achieve what they would find a decent profit as new players will cheerfully do PI for 2 million isk per hour.
    Top end prices slowly come down as people get the advanced PI networks in place to support POS construction.

    Longer term: future patches and DUSK514 add more and more important to planets.

  3. Anonymous3:23 pm

    I like the new banner. Nice upgrade. I also like Zargyl's image. I find the sun in Rettic's image to be a bit distracting, while the planet in Zargyl's image, although large, doesn't overwhelm. Also the ships in Zargyl's image are more prominent and the eye is more drawn to them.