Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Foibles of Logitech Keyboard

In the comments of yesterday's post Logan asked how I got my 'G' key macros to run in Eve. What I found in Windows Vista (yeah yeah I know) is that the built in security prevented applications from getting keystrokes when not in focus. This screwed not only my macro keys but voice comm software as well.

To get around this, I run my voice software in admin mode which circumvents the default security. I decided to do the same for the logitech software to allow the G key bindings to fire.

First I found the program that operates the G keys called "Logitech G-series Profiler":

I right clicked on that exe file and instructed it to always run as administrator.

But being a startup program, windows is nervous about auto-running a program in admin mode. So every time I boot windows I have to go to the task tray and enable the program. See the icon in the middle with the red blocked symbol?

Clicking on that gives the option to run blocked programs:

Now I'm good to go. I'm sure there are better ways to do it (like Logan posted this morning in yesterday's comment thread but it works for me and I know why it works which is just as important.

Also, thorik asked about commanding the drones. You need to set up the drone commands (Drones Attack, Drones Return and Orbit, and Drones Return to drone bay) in the shortcuts in Eve itself, then the shortcutted commands can be bound to the G-keys via Profiler setup.


  1. Hurts that there is no easy option to keep it from blocking your startup admin programs so you don't have to make that extra click every time!

    Thanks for the screenshots!


  2. In an effort to stop these annoying popups for you, you should try one of these two methods!



    Pretty much the same workaround on both, just one might have easier to follow instructions.