Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Burnt Out

I need a break, a long one.


What? No, not from Eve. I can't get online ever to get burned out of my game.

I'm burnt out from real life. Anyone want to spell me for a bit? Anyone? No? Sigh.

Well, I did get online for an hour on Saturday evening but it was on the laptop only. I really wanted to help out during the Corporate Mission Day where we set the corp tax to 100% and encourage people to run missions for the corp to build up the wallet for times of war. I took Kla'strit's ratting Typhoon and helped Greyhound's mission; its not a good mission boat but it does well for a second DPS ship. After the mission I was sitting outside a station and a hostile in a Rokh showed up, targeted me, and melted my shields with some nice blaster fire. Since I was A) off comms and B) in a non-PvP ship I opted for the docking tactic despite my pride. No point in throwing a good ship away.

Damn, I need some real Eve time.


  1. He're hoping you get some free time soon bud.

  2. You and me both. I feel your pain.

  3. Just curious...you don't have to answer if this is too intrusive. Was just wondering if you had kids and all. I'll be a new dad in November which will spell a decent break from my hobbies for awhile I am assuming. Just wondering how people manage it...it seems very daunting to have a hobby and a youngster.

  4. I have 2 year old Twins and a 2 month old newborn. Once the twins were on a regular sleep schedule at around 11 months I was able to have regular eve time at least once a week. The first 6 months were nasty though; I basically took the summer off from any organized eve activities and joined Faction warfare for plexing for standing.

    Once the new baby is going to bed early and sleeping through the night things will get better.