Thursday, March 25, 2010

iPhone Games

No time for Eve besides updating my buy and sell orders (about 35 of them all told) so today I'd figure I'd discuss some of the games I have on my iPhone for those moments between twins.

Ant Wars Lite - Free version, very fun. Will buy the full version some time in the future.

Plants Versus Zombies - Kind of a tower defence game, it is really fun and well done. I went through the campaign and only died once. Definitely worth the three dollars.

Simcity - I love the Simcity franchise and this version is merely ok. While it manages to capture the feel of Simcity 2000, the lacking parts such as no highways, elevated terrain, advanced buildings (fusion power and garbage incinerator for examples), subways, etc made the game feel tiny. Plus the map felt very small too early. Not a game I plan to come back to.

Space Miner: Ore or Bust - This is my current go to game, its essentially an updated Asteroids game with story and achievements. Having lots of fun and can see myself playing this for a while. I like that the first two levels of the game are free to try as a demo, and you can export your progress to the full game once you buy it. Definitely worth the money.


  1. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Yeah, don't get Defender Chronicles or Earth vs Moon then.

  2. geodefence

    are both enjoyable

  3. Anonymous1:45 am


    If you want a couple of fun games to make time go by faster at the doctors office, I'd recommend:

    Flight Control
    Pocket God
    Pocket Tanks
    tChess Pro
    Lux touch

    Things to keep the little ones busy:
    Koi Pond