Friday, March 05, 2010

I'll Be Back...

On Monday we're off to the hospital to get the newest member of the Carebear Brigade going, so I'll be AFK for the next couple of weeks. I may still be seen in game from time to time as life permits, probably moving excess assets to Amarr and liquidating them. If you're looking for a rigged Domi, Megathron, Armageddon,  Abaddon, or Nightmare at a fair price drop me a line.

Tonight I'll be writing the last entry of my current Fiction Friday arc. Hope you enjoyed it, I might start it up again in the summer when things quiet down at home.


  1. Congrats man. You're practically a veteran at this now, but still, good luck to you and enjoy every minute.

    I may be willing to take that Domi off your hands. Shoot me an in-game mail with the deets and I'll check it out tonight.

  2. Grats on the new addition!

    If you need any help with transport, let me know. I'd be interested in discussing the Nightmare.

    Take care,
    Dee Carson

  3. Goodluck mate, hope all goes without a hitch!

    Going to miss your blog for a while but RL first!

    I'll take the Mega at a 'good' price. Talk to me ingame if you see me.

    Fly dangerous but drive safe 0/

    Mail Lite

  4. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Congrats to you and the missus!

    Good luck, our prayers are with you and yours!

  5. Congratulations,

    How the Misses recovers as best as possible. Have to agree you should be getting used to this now.

    Good Luck and be safe

  6. Forget about the space boats for a while.

    Those chairs in the hospital rooms are actually very comfortable when you're exhausted...well they seem that way anyway. :-)

    When you first see the little one, do NOT think, "Whoah, that's a lot of pod goo!" Trust me on this.

    Best wishes and our thoughts are with you.

  7. Anonymous8:12 pm

    best wishes there mate :)