Thursday, March 04, 2010

At What Point...

... does the insane network of political coalitions fall apart?

 This image, shamelessly borrowed from A Mule In Eve (link above) shows the "Southern Coalition" on the left, the Northern Coalition on the upper right, and tiny little Provi-Bloc on the lower right. At some point it all has to unravel... right?



  1. shift yes...but unravel? I do not think so :)

  2. While the image is interesting, if you follow the lines (whatever the lines represent) U'K (for ex.) isn't linked to -A- or AAAC yet we are quite obviously connected to them. What exactly does the image mean and how was it generated?
    Just look at the provibloc image. CVA has 6 links whereas I-RED has 9?

    Here is the original thread:

    And I believe our mule friend is right. Just like U'K did, they will go some where and lick their wounds and hopefully come back stronger and more organized.

  3. This is just a hunch, I haven't really thought it through yet, but...if this chart is right, and bearing in mind the last two grand EVE alliances shattering...are the groups in the center of this picture - the ones lying in the middle of the tangled web - the most vulnerable to being the next alliance that falls (or gets blown to) to pieces?


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