Monday, February 22, 2010

Four Things

Thing the First:

I went out PvPing last night, but our gang just couldn't get it together fast enough to catch a hostile recon gang made up of two Falcons, a Rapier, and a Pilgrim and in the process we lost a Rook to them. Fail. I was really hoping to get my 10th killmail of February but alas, it was not meant to be.

Thing the Second:

I've seen a good amount of disappointment about the core of Tyrannis expansion being planetary interaction. I've seen people saying that fixing the game / low sec boost / improving Assault Frigates / etc etc etc should be higher priority.

My opinion is twofold:
First, planetary interaction is overdue by about five years, and its a shame that in a space sci fi game the only interaction I have with planets is to warp to them and look at them (as pretty as they are now). By making planets mean something, all those planets in low sec will draw more people into the area. Thus, its a boost to industrialists and low sec.

Secondly, Agile development is such that they don't know all of the features (aka Stories) that are going to make it in by the deadline; everything gets prioritized and the final list of features becomes apparent based on what they get done by the deadline (extremely simplified description). In order to not over-promise, they only commit to the highest priority items. Expect to see more features announced as the date approaches in the coming months.

Thing the Third:

I forget.

Dammit... I still forget....

Ok, I remember: Derranna finally finished the long training haul of Large Projectiles V and has started into Minmatar Battleship this morning. Another long haul to get to level V. Sigh.

Thing the Fourth:

CrazyKinux is looking for input on the new Eve Blog Pack. I was going to submit a list of my favourite blogs but got paranoid I might miss some and offend someone. In the end I opted to not provide input as it all feels very reminiscent of high school popularity games to me (and that was a game I failed at hard). I understand the value of the blog pack to focus people to the quality content, but I wish there was a more objective measure.

Regardless, thanks to all those who put forth this humble blog, it means a lot to me.

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