Thursday, February 04, 2010


Warhammer 40K MMO to be fully revealed this summer!


No, I did NOT just squeal like a little girl.


  1. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Yes, you did squeal like a little girl. But it's justified.


  2. It wasn't little girl-ish more like 12 year old fanboy scream.

    It's OK, I did one as well, at work, in a crowded office...

    It's not a glamorous story but it is true. Almost makes me want to go to E3 this year!

  3. You're not alone, I have been waiting for this since Warhammer Online was annouced. I just hope it is a better game however as a diff company is doing it (THQ) I am very optimistic.

  4. i hope it doesn't fail like WH Online did :)

  5. >_>;
    That was me, sorry...

  6. Its being done by Vigil (nice art) but please for the love all all thats good dont make it spaceWOW. I dont want to see...
    "Welcome Brother recruit, go down to the Storeroom and Kill 10 WarpRats, this is the first test of any marines legendary combat prowess. Do this task in under 30 minutes and I will give you a BoltPistol."

  7. As long as I get to play as a Phoenix Lord I'll be happy :)

    Seems I may have to start playing 2 mmos :(

  8. "Fear not, brothers!!"

  9. Goddamnit. I just wet my pants with excitement.