Friday, January 15, 2010

Items One And Two

Item One:

In E-ON magazine #18 you will be able to read my latest Test Flight article on Black Ops Battleships.

Funny story about this one. When Zapatero tapped me to write it after issue #17 came out he requested I write about the new upcoming Supercarriers that were being tested for Dominion. The deadline for the article submission was a week before Dominion came out so it would mean a lot of test server research and changing goalposts but I readily agreed. I spent some time setting up the flow of the article and how it would be different from previous test flights since there had already been a Mothership testflight and we didn't want to tread the same ground.

However, as I was getting ready to fill out the draft the whole Not-So-Supercarrier fiasco / change in direction by CCP near the end of development meant I was basically starting from scratch and then the whole supercarrier concept got shelved for Dominion completely! Faced with an article to write for a deadline one week and a bit away, I contacted Zapatero and and offered to go to the Black Ops ships that we had considered for the E-ON #17 test flight last spring. I had some late nights writing that article but I managed and last night it was all worth it as I got paid.

Item Two:

On the couch with the laptop and wife idly chit-chatting and browsing TV, I booted up Eve and broke out Kla'Strit to work on his security status for half an hour. Moving from system to system, killing a battleship rat, moving on. Nothing strenuous.

The last system to visit has one guy in local who is a regular for that area and I warp to a belt to see some wrecks of his and a new spawn. Three battleships. One of them a True Sansha faction spawn.

Question: is it unethical to jump into a system, kill a faction spawn before someone who practically lives there gets a chance, and then jump out? 'Cause that's exactly what I did.

As I was warping to the gate to leave the following conversation happens in local chat:
XXXXX > oh that's simply unfair
Kla'strit > sorry
XXXXX > you planning on salvaging it?
Kla'strit > No go ahead
Kla'strit > the drop was nothing special
Kla'strit > a faction hardener and plating , no Nightmare bpc or anthing
Kla'strit > cheers
XXXXX > o/

As chat shows, the faction drop was nothing special. Man, I was hoping for a Nightmare BPC. Just a True Sansha Thermic Hardener and Thermic Plating, and a Large Radio crystal. Sigh. Oh well, better than a kick to the teeth.


  1. I actually love chatting up "regulars" when I enter a system to salvage or rat. There's something nice about acknowledging the folks you see in local often. Also tends to open the air about what folks are doing and keep you from stepping on their toes.

    Looking forward to getting issue 18 myself. Think i'll order it now…

  2. is it unethical to jump into a system, kill a faction spawn before someone who practically lives there gets a chance, and then jump out?

    Is this in a game other than EVE Online?

  3. well in my opinion no one owns the rats in the belts regardless of what some people might think so all in all for a faction spawn even if the person is a regular go for it hehe. for an officer spawn well....

    as for E-ON i look foward to reading your article got my copy in the mail yesterday just havent had time to open it up hehe.

  4. Anonymous2:06 pm

    As annoying as it may be for them I assume most anyone would take down a TS if they warped into a belt with one. I also like saying hey to the locals though, makes it just a little more fun to get to know people, even in passing.