Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Welcome To Dominion

Ok, I did a post last night celebrating the newest Eve expansion, but this is a more substantial post.

The fleet finder is awesome. Within seconds of logging in I had found a fleet run by one of my directors and joined up. No fuss, no muss, no running around voice comms and channels trying to see what's going on. I especially love the fact that its not limited to just your corp and alliance. For multi-allied organizations like CVA and the Holders it will be an invaluable tool for coordination. Hell, it will be invaluable for anybody who is not a loner in a private one man corp.

We went on a roam and I undocked in my never-used Rook Combat Recon called Dragon Wing. And yes, the planets look amazing. More pictures of planets at the end of the post.

We roamed for a while and caught an Ishkur and Vagabond whilst losing a friendly Crow as I arrived a bit late to throw my ECM on the Vagabond.

Corp mate getting a little too trigger happy:

Then I was off voice comms so I explored the new features like the in game browser based off Chromium. It
was fast, powerful, mutli-tabbed interface. I loved it.

Loaded up Dotlan maps, made it a trusted site, and used the radar function to check out my surroundings. Why CCP have never done this themselves is beyond me. I've complained about the ingame map before and this is the perfect solution in my mind.

And now, the planet porn:


  1. Oh.... Mah.... Gawd!

  2. Yeah, Dotlan... thx for reminding me :)

  3. Ya know - it isn't just the planets that are jaw-dropping, but the ships themselves look beautiful - with the planets as backdrop.

  4. That's actually something I was noticing last night flying around a bit. Didn't know if it was just the change in the backdrop causing me to think that or if they actually did something, but it almost looks as though CCP sharpened or detailed or something the ship skins. But again...may just be my awe of the backdrop. :)

  5. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Love the planet porn :)