Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Skill Training Philosophy

Last night I was bored watching TV with the wife and I decided to compare Derranna's progress as a newly budding combat pilot with Kirith who has been training combat skills practically for three years. For those new to this blog, Derranna is my industrial alt created a month after Kirith back in '06 but up until this year has been focused on non-combat skills. I ran out of industrial things I wanted to bother to train and decided to make her more combative.

I quickly noticed that in some areas she was up to or almost up to specs, like in Navigation and Engineering, but in others she had a long way to go like Gunnery and Drones.

Then I decided to throw Kla'strit on the chart since he has roughly the same skill points as Kirith but is all combat skill trained in Minmatar. The results were a little surprising; see the chart here.

- Kla'strit has over 3 million more skill points in Gunnery yet is only specc'd for Projectiles. He's trained a lot of support skills and specialization skills to V whereas Kirith remained at IV.
- Kla has more skill points in Leadership despite only having Skirmish Warfare Specialist skill and not the other. Of course, he trained that to V.
- Kla has 78 fewer skills than Kirith but over half his skills are at level V whereas both Kirith and Derranna have only a quarter and a third respectively of their skills at level V.

Basically, what I see here is that even though Kirith and Derranna are mainly purposed for different things (combat versus industrial) the skill training philosophy I employ makes them look very similar at the high scale while the two combat characters look quite differently, mine reflecting my desire to train as broadly as possible while Kla'strit reflecting the desire to focus intently.

I don't expect this to change in the future.

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