Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Patch Day Skills

Kirith: Since getting into tech II Gallente frigates I've been back on the leadership skills, now having both Siege Warfare Specialist and Armoured Warfare Specialist to level III. He's currently training Siege Warfare V and then has only to train all three specialist skills to IV to complete this phase of training. We'll see if I ever feel the need for Information Warfare Specialist or Fleet Command, the latter being gated by Wing Command V which is a 40 day skill (yuk).

Once I'm done the leadership skills (about three weeks) I'm going to spend two weeks to get spec'd up for interdictors.

Derranna: She's deep into projectile training still, having got a lot of the support skills to level III and IV, and Small Projectile Turret to level V, and now she's on the Medium projectile Turret V skill which is over ten days left. Then its tech II small and medium projectiles which will take to early January. After that I will probably go for tech II Large projectile training which is over two more months of training as it requires Sharpshooter V (9 days), Motion Prediction V (9 days), and Large Projectile Turret V (23 days).

Kornielia: my other freighter alt on my third account which will expire in January is done with freighter training so I'm finishing up her ability to fly tech II transport ships, use a covert ops cloak, and pop a cyno beacon. Then she will be transferred over to one of my other two accounts so I can let this one expire.

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