Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Damn You Accessible And Well Populated Null Sec Region!

I had a few minutes last night and I was hatching a plan. I wanted to make money.

Not because I need more ISK as I am well stocked with ships and equipment and have no pressing needs for anything besides the unaffordable Wyvern (which I do not have patience nor nerves to work towards) bit because I thought a non-combat task to do in quiet times when I don't have voice comms would be interesting.

I decided to try importing goods from high sec into Providence, theorizing that buying low in a hub and selling high in null sec was a "cannot lose" proposition. As I opened up two clients and compared prices of items I was in for quite a shock. Yes, there was profit to be made, but a lot of items were cheaper in Providence than they were in high sec. Some items actually were cheaper in high sec and a couple even showed promise of profit around 50-60 million per trip (minus fuel costs) but that required an outlay of almost a billion ISK and I was hoping for something in the hundreds of millions profit for my efforts.

I'm going to keeping looking at some more item but right now in station trading looks easier and just as profitable for the time required.

Why are prices in Providence so competitive with those in Domain high sec? I figure there are a couple reasons, the first being that Providence is easily accessible to high sec through a couple pipes and easy jump freighter access. The second is the large population, both holders and neutrals, which gives incentive for importers to run the risks and bring things in as well as allowing normal pilots to just sell regular surplus items.


  1. Anonymous9:10 am

    Don’t forget about all of the PVE ratters and complex runners out in Providence. I know I would be more than willing to list it all locally and sell it as opposed to hauling it back to an Empire trade hub.

  2. Seeing as CVA's aim is to bring Providence into the Empire, I'd say they're doing a pretty good job by this measure.