Friday, December 25, 2009

Character Sale Promo

One of my directors is selling an alt with 31.8 million skillpoints:


ArrowHulk pilot
Arrowfreighter pilot
ArrowGallente BS 5, Gallente cruisers 5, Gallente frigates 5
ArrowT2 large hybrids and AWU 5
ArrowProbing skills
ArrowPOS gunner
Arrow43 skills at level 5

Positive wallet: 1,000 isk
Security status: -1.9 (Can still go into 1.0 space)
No kill rights (for or against)
Character is in 0.7 Amarr space
In NPC corp now
Neural remap status: Available
Implants: full set of +4

This is a steal at the starting price of 6.5 billion, so if you are looking for a handy alt, give it a look see.

Also, Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!


  1. Hello,
    How many trained skills does the char has?

    Happy holidays from sunny Greece!

  2. Sorry Stelios, the char sold already. Cheers!