Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To Do: Get Monkey Off Back... Check!

Last night I logged on and had the fortune to find that 1) my jump clone wait timer was just expired and 2) my corpmates were ready to go on a roam. SWEET! Five minutes later I was in base and loading up into my Myrmidon Vexo's Special for a small gang roam.

As the roam started out we came across an Atlas alliance pilot in a Rapier that jumped into us at a gate and we quickly made short work of him. Ah, that felt good.

We continued on and later we were tracking some hostiles. The intel channel reported 9 reds in the next system, and our gang was only seven. We sent in our scout and there the reds were, engaged with some blues. We jumped in with weapons primed and saw we faced a lot of stealth bombers and assault frigates.

I went after a Jaguar as it was closest. I got within 16 km but he turned away from me and I could not close the gap anymore as his afterburner kept him out of range of my web and warp scrambler. He got out of the bubble and warped off, but out interceptor pilot snagged a Purifier and... well... purified it.

At that point the wife was ready and I logged off, pleased I got in on the Rapier kill and ticked the Jaguar got away from me. Hopefully with the goose-egg on kills for Nov broken I can keep it up.

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