Monday, November 02, 2009

Sunday Night Sucks

One of the corp directors issued a challenge for pilots to get in on at least 10 kills per month from now until April.

I foolishly accepted said challenge.

Now it was not foolish because of lack of targets; Providence is a target rich environment and getting in fleets. No, it was foolsih because I get one night a week for good solid fleet PvP and that means I need to be in on about 2.5 kills a session. And sometimes you just don't have that luck, and with my current game night being Sunday evenings when things really seem to quiet down for the most part, I have my work cut out for me.

Like last night. When I logged in there was no fleet action going on so I decided to try my hand at some solo roaming in the hopes of finding something to shoot. I picked out my Crow and set a route through Providence and with one eye on local and the other on the intel channels, I set off.

It was pretty uneventful for the most part in the first circuit. I didn't go looking hard for reds because I figured they would be cloaked if not actually active. I went up to YMPL where reds are almost always lingering around, and then headed back to the hub system of 9UY. On the way I ran into a blue gatecamp and considered hanging out with them for a while when a hostile Malediction warped in.

Hmmmm, I thought, could be interesting. Then three things happened at once: the blue fleet warped off as a red fleet warped in and the slightly damaged Malediction interceptor jumped through the gate. Throwing caution to the wind I jumped through as well.

On the other side I quickly engaged and pointed him, my reaction times working better than the first interceptor foray last month. As my missiles took out his shields and bit into his armour he simply went back to the game and jumped through, not interested in tangling with me. Knowing there was a red fleet on the other side, I carried on my way.

There were some reports of hostiles near D-G in Paxton space so I made my way over there. Local spiked and a fleet of about 15 AAA ships of mostly heavy hulls arrived and camped the station. I set in a 200-300 km orbit of the fleet and hoped that the lone Malediction in that gang would come play with me but it was for nought. I kept providing intel about the fleet and x-ing up for a defense fleet but none formed.

I considered forming the fleet myself and had it been a less imposing enemy fleet I might have done just that, but the looks of the AAA fleet was intimidating (remote rep battleships, logistics, and battlecruiser DPS) and I figured leading a bunch of people to their doom was not advisable. Maybe next time.

Eventually the red fleet got tired of no fighting and left, and I continued on my roam chasing down reds reported in intel only to have them be gone by the time I got there.

Night tally: 0 for 2.5.

Maybe I'll try going into AAA space in a stealth bomber.


  1. Why stop at AAA space, come to U'K space! :)

  2. Go to Curse... I hear there's at least one corp out there always looking for fights :))

  3. Yes, come into Catch please! Make sure to send me a mail before you do though ;)