Monday, November 09, 2009

Live Blogging the QEN - Q3 2009

Keeping with tradition, I'll live-blog the QEN as I read it. Enjoy!

Page 4 - Editorial paraphrased: "Blah blah blah"

Page 5 - Population holding steady but only covers up to June 09.

Page 5- Ships used: at the time of the snapshot, 42% of the ships were shuttles, rookie ships, or capsules. MY GOD! Is there ever a market for tech II shuttles!

Page 6 - "The Condor advanced from 13th place to 10th, making the Top 10 for the first time." - HUH? Why?

Page 8/9 - Huge drop in volume of Morphite traded in Sept, yet no change in price. Interesting.

Page 10 - "The deflation in the SPPI for September measured 8.6%, which is an exceptionally large decline. This drop was almost exclusively fuelled by a 24% collapse in the price of salvaged materials, which weigh heavily in the index. This was the effect of introducing different sized rigs, which is discussed further under the Consumer Price Index section." - Take that mission whores!

Page 13 - Avg CPU per user drop is illustrative of why macros are bad for the game.

Page 15 - Poor Wrath Cruise missile producers!!! LOL!

Page 21 - W-space is being used as evidenced by supply of Neurovisual Input Matrices.

Page 22 - Stealth Bomber changes still obvious. Tengu prices seem to have reached the plateau.

Page 24 - "Figure 41: Glossy Compound is a material that can be looted from the wrecks of Rogue Drone battleships and refined to yield various minerals. This item has been significantly affected by actions against real money trade accounts, with sharp declines seen in both March and July after the two large-scale bans of real money trade accounts were performed." - RMT players dealt in drone poo? Really? Odd.


  1. Perhaps the drone poo change is related to greater availability of belts, without the RMTers macroing them all?

  2. Yup, absolutly NO WAY that the drone poo could have been impacted by the wars that have been raging in the drone regions. Nope, no chance at all.... *boggle*