Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fighting Spacecraft Series V - Prophecy

I had a lot of fun writing the Prophecy fighting spacecraft article but it took a lot of work. There are a lot of angles to cover on a ship that has seen a lot of years and has a lot of variants.

As usual, here is the high res image.


  1. Anonymous12:41 pm

    The "chancel" is a nice touch.

  2. Anonymous10:42 am

    I always figured the command "chancel" (/agree nice touch) was down where the "eyes" were. a little further down the beak.

    Nonetheless, a great article on my favorite and most often utilized ship. I've decided mine must be a BC-H-X1 or a BC-B, since my Prophecy "Talons in the Night" fits both heavy pulse turrets and missle systems. (-;

  3. I view the ships pod pilots fly as "custom" jobs. The empires have to mass produce ships and train crews so they limit themselves to very standard and effective setups for a variety of purposes, while capsuleers have the wherewithal to customized the ships to unique versions depending on their tastes and skills.