Monday, November 23, 2009

Battle in F9E

When comms opened up last night I found my corpmates in a fleet next door in F9E-KX system, an Against All Authorities alliance system. They were part of a larger fleet and sniper battleships was the call of the day. I hopped in my old standby Rokh, Insisto Oblivum II, and joined the fleet.

Just in time too as the fighting began not minutes after I was in position. We had sniper battleships and a support fleet while the enemy decided to roll with a carrier fleet and support. Despite outnumbering them, their capital ships made the battle much more even.

For the next twenty minutes my world contracted to my computer screen. Targets were called, weapons activated, warp outs, warp ins, and two close calls with interdictor bubbles that caught some of our battleship wing... it was intense and a hell of a lot of fun. This is the pinnacle of Eve PvP, excitement delivered directly to your nervous system.

During the engagement I discovered a misstep on my part. Originally when I put together this Rokh as a sniper I included one or two tracking computers which allowed me to use Caldari Navy Iridium as my ammo to reach 150+ km. However I reconfigured the ship to a "Paxton Approved" setup which involved removing said modules and I forgot to restock my ammo with longer ranged stuff so my optimal with the Iridium was an unacceptable 129 km (with 24 km falloff). Fortunately I travel with a cache of Spike ammunition for extra long range engagements and was able to participate in the battles with it instead.

In the end I got on 7 kill mails including a particularly juicy Tengu kill. I recognize the setup on the strategic cruiser: probe launcher, covert ops cloak, interdiction nullifier... exactly the same as my 0.0 runner which is very hard to catch unless you jump into the waiting arms of a wing of interceptors who prevent you from cloaking and get insta-points on your ass.

The enemy got setup with scan probes and interdictors so that when we warped the BS wing into combat they were right on top of us within seconds so we pulled back to a POS and waited for reinforcements. They got bored and left for HED and we decided to cap the night off with a POS that we put into reinforced.

I got pictures but no time to clean them up for publishing. Maybe tonight or tomorrow.

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