Tuesday, October 13, 2009


One of the big draws of living in a holder alliance in Providence is that there is always lots of hositles nearby and looking for a fight. That has allowed our corporation to vent a lot of PvP steam and get into some good fights. In my opinion, the move to Paxton Federation has been very good for us.

The alliance has been very welcoming and evidence of that was the special operation planned for last Friday night where a bunch of us new to the area were taken on a tour of all the Paxton and CVA jump bridges so we could bookmark them. It took about two hours and it was not very exciting but the strategic value of jump bridges cannot be understated.

On Saturday I had a few minutes to log in and check some stuff when I heard there was a fleet up and some reds trapped in a dead end pocket. I decided to join up until my wife came looking for me to send me to the store. Come on, bad guys! Attack us!

Well, the majority of the reds got engaged at another gate by a friendly fleet, but a lone Harbinger battlecruiser did warp to the gate our fleet was at and jumped through. A bunch of us followed in hopes of getting him on the other side.

I was in the Raptor again. I decided I need to hone my skills a bit and the cheap and relatively disposable interceptor seemed like a good place to start. This past week I practised target-approach via ctrl+double clicking in the overview (totally forgot that trick), priming weapon systems prior to enemy arrival on grid, and generally mentally fortifying myself.

On the other side of the gate I primed the MWD and got ready to fly. Two heavy interdictors put up the bubbles so it was hopeful he would not get to warp away quickly. His gate cloak dropped and I winced as he was 24 km away (I seem to have bad luck in this regard). I ctrl-double clicked and prayed that the distance would drop fast enough to get my scrambler (which I still had fitted from chasing frigs last week) and web on him to prevent him from getting back to the gate.

At 4 km per second, the range dropped fast and I hit 9 km soon enough and got him. He sic'd his drones on me and my shields dropped fast but the amount of firepower we had was enough to kill him before I had to warp away. I tried to get his pod but another Raptor pilot beat me to it.

With that aggro from the wife forced me to dock and I went to the store with a bounce in my step. Two kills in 5 days is not bad for this time-constrained pilot. Looking forward to some more.


  1. Anonymous11:02 am

    So wait one second....CTRL-DOUBLE CLICKING on a ship in the overview targets AND approaches them?

  2. Its true. :) Very handy that.

  3. Anonymous11:44 am

    That's awesome!

  4. And with the shift key you can copy bookmarks 5 at a time and never leave station.

  5. @ kafkan, yes you can copy them like that but that doesnt give people the feel of where those bridges are which is almost as important.