Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Missing Link

With over 50 million skillpoints, I can fly a lot of ships. In fact, in the Caldari lineup I can fly every combat ship with the exception of the Titan (skill book too expensive and a ship I'll probably never own), and Marauders (but I have all the prerequisites so I could fly one in less than an hour).

Oh, and one other combat ship eludes me. Tech II destroyers, the Interdictor class.

You see, when I was developing my skill plan and had achieved Tech II frigates like Assault ships and Interceptors it was the time that Heavy Interdictors were being announced and I was faced with a decision: train up the dead end skill of Destroyers V followed by Interdictors, or train up Cruisers V which opens up all the Tech II cruisers and go for Heavy Interdictors.

"I'll go back and get that skill later on," I told myself about Destroyers. Yet here is it years later and I'm still only at Destroyers III.

I feel a little guilty. Poor little Flycatcher gets no love from the hardcore Caldari pilot. But there is always something else to train first....

The other night when flying with the corp and seeing Greyhound in his Flycatcher ready to launch bubbles to snag the unawares, I paused a second to look at that ship and think to myself "I really should train that ship." I checked EVEMon and it would only take 15 days to get up to spec.

Sigh. Decisions decisions.


  1. At 20 million SP, I feel a huge struggle to decide on each new focus. Nice to see it never ends! (My OCD side would really NEED to train Destroyers to 5 if that was the last remaining...)

  2. I can fly any of the Interdictors (yes, I have all 4 frig 5's as well as dessie 5) but I haven't bought one yet. I can also fly an Onyx and my corp wants me to bring that along. Something about having a 1000 dps passive shield tank on it when the CEO's along in his Vulture . . . .

  3. Do I feel like a pip-squeek at 5 mil skill points.

    OK so I can fly a Probe.

  4. Anonymous4:38 am

    Interdictors are awesome but they die fast. Mostly Harmless alliance has a replacement program for them in order to encourage more people to train up for it. so you buy and fit your first and they'll replace it AND all the modules whenever you lose them. They're That valued by nullsec alliances. Hictors are too expensive to replace but a tad more flexable. I think you should do it! :-)

  5. Hictors are more expensive but less flexible. You can't bubble both sides of a gate with a HIC. You can with a double launcher fit dictor. Huge tactical advantage.

  6. Don't feel like a pip-squeek at 5mil SP Dante! Those days were some of my favourite times because every kill I made was by the skin of my teeth. Let me tell you it's a rush to be the underdog and still take someone out! :)