Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Rise of the Noob

In order to understand where I'm going with this, let's back up. Way back to when my main hobby was Warhammer 40K.

Back then (in the Dark Ages I like to call it) I was not just a participant of the hobby, I was a true hardcore fanboy. I ran a gaming club, internet forums, tournaments, the whole shebang and I loved it. I had multiple armies in multiple game systems (3 armies in 40K, two Battlefleet Gothic fleets, and an Epic army at my peak) and almost all the rulebooks.

It was expensive. Spending 100 dollars a month was the usual (models, paints, rulebooks) and a couple times of year I would "treat" myself with an extra purchase or two (like a $200 Hell Talon fighter bomber from Forgeworld).

Egads that seems all so insane now.

Eve is much cheaper. The rules updates are free, new models are free, the only thing I need is a good computer to run the program and a subscription that amounts to about $15/month. When I started back in 2006, I started with two accounts so I could experience the game more fully. After all, what was $30 a month to a guy used to spending three times that much?

The problem is I still get the urge to splurge once in a while and Eve does not provide a lot of opportunities to do that. I bought the Eve Map book and the Eve Box, but they didn't give me the visceral feel of spoiling myself that I'm accustomed to. (Somewhere a Free to Play MMO developer is trying to woo me...)

So this rambling tale is all to explain how last December I decided to spoil myself with a year subscription to a third account which I used to start training the ultimate miner. It was foolish in hindsight but I'm weak and my Eve-fu was lacking in the area of Hulks and Strip Miners. MUST EXPERIENCE MORE CONTENT!

So Grumhold was the result, a super miner and super refiner with the ability to pilot an Orca if need be. I used him in several mining operations and was very impressed at the rate of asteroid depletion he could cause.

But, alas, I decided it was not for me. The only way I could see really enjoying it was taking him into a corporation with other miners and doing massive operations on grand scales in the best ore fields you can imagine. But that would take away from my true love of PvP and that is unacceptable.

So Grumhold has been put aside and will be disposed of shortly. It was a good experiment and experience but time to move on.

I don't plan to renew the third account when it comes due in December but I still have months left to train a character. So now we actually come to the subject of the title: I created a new character called Korneilia who I am going to use to experience the Level 1 Epic Mission Arc. Once that is done, she will train for a frieghter and then either be sold or transfered to one of my main accounts.

The reason I'm trying out the Level 1 Epic Mission Arc is because I want to see how well its done and if it makes me interested in trying out the Level 4 arcs with Kirith. I've run a few of the missions last night already and my impressions of them so far will come in a later post this week.


  1. Anonymous10:43 am

    bahh i absolutely HATE mission (yes I understand the need you have to be able to login in once and while and not have to wait for a fleet or hostile and you wanna go blow some crap up...yes I get it) Bu ti still revile missions...I guess the transformation from a PvE player to PvP player is complete I no longer wish to run a mission , or a plex, or anything other than eliminate someone from their ship with extreme prejudice any more...HELL I haven't even ratted in 6 months.... oh wells enough ranting, a guy with a family only has so much time in the day...hope youenjoy it.

  2. I rolled up a 2 week trial alt for the L1 Arc, quite enjoyed it. Found it pretty easy, all except the final boss who tanks like a &*%^! Had to skill up for a cruiser to finally kill him solo. Lots of people on local calling for help with their own instances!

    I reckon a complete newbie could find it hard, especially if they have no idea about fitting.

    The 'flavor' of the missions was quite different from the usual. Plus I'd never had anything to do with the Sisters of Eve before. Learned a bit more lore, did some travel in new areas. Recommended. I'll get around to the L4s at some point.

  3. I didn't read any mention of selling the miner char so just a thought, unless you do intend to sell it, why not just have Grumhold transferred to one of the extra slots on your main account? That way, on a rainy day, or if some folks you know are gonna do some major mining op, you'll have that uber miner to throw in to help. Just a thought. Otherwise, a char like that could easily bring in a few bil.

  4. @Selina: I am actually going to sell the character. That was always the secondary plan. Derranna is a decent Miner with a Retriever for impromptu mining.

  5. The level 1 mission arc was a disappointment imo. Most of it was traveling from A to B and many missions didn't even involve any shooting. Rewards start at 100k isk and increase steadily up to 250k isk. Be ready to travel 14 jumps just to check in with an agent.

  6. Lets just say your not the only ex-Warhammer 40k player out there...In the end I had both an Imperial Guard and Eldar force so I definitely know what you mean by it being a costly hobby...

    I have also recently triple accounted and started a Faction Warfare Alt, its a nice distraction when I dont have hours and hours to dedicate to 0.0 alliance warfare!