Thursday, September 24, 2009

Look Out Providence!

Here we come!

After the debacle in Wicked Creek with the Tactical Narcotics Team alliance our corp sat down, had a discussion, and came to a few conclusions: we are still strong and cohesive despite the setback, we want to be in 0.0, and we're remaining red to Goons forever.

With that common understanding in place, we reviewed our criteria for seeking a new home and decided to approach Paxton Federation, part of the CVA power bloc in Providence, as they were looking for new corps to join their alliance. Although its NRDS and it means playing by the CVA KOS checker, we decided to accept that restriction in exchange for joining an established and relatively secure organization with a good reputation that would give us a chance to integrate the recent new recruits and train up the newer-to-PvP pilots in 0.0 tactics and strategies.

Last night we got the news that we are accepted on a trial basis, so preparations are underway. With that, I jump cloned down to my Tengu Golgotha that I left behind back in Wicked Creek and made the journey through 0.0 to low sec. I wish I could give a tale of hostile gate camps, split second maneuvures, interdiction bubbles, close escapes, and daring jumps, but in reality it was uneventful with only the local Angel rats gate camping.

Next stop, Providence!


  1. Anonymous8:46 am

    Best of luck down there! I have a couple of mates in that area and they say that it's great pvp despite the NRDS policy, it just means more and larger roaming fleets looking for reds. on the downside, small skirmishes aren't common (so I've been told anyway).

  2. Nice some new blood to harras.
    As for secure ... well i see they have misinformed you. Best of luck though

    You might enlist some new sources.
    There are alot of small skirmishes, there called Ushra'Khan.

  3. I live in Providence myself! There's LOTS of PvP -- especially along the border with Catch where AAA regularly sends out raiding parties but the area is also relatively protected for neutrals and I'm very happy with the way CVA runs the place. Welcome and I look forward to reading about politics and events in my neck of the woods.

  4. Anonymous10:39 am

    A few of my ingame friends were part of Paxton for some time and didn't like it much.

    Furthermore you support the Amarr cause by living in providence and support slavery !

  5. Providence is fine just ignore the role play that some people do. But for PVP Provi is great. You get the best of the best rolling through the area in large fleets and even small fleets. It is a great palce to learn PVP from some of the best in the game.

  6. Arr, slavers

    best of luck out there but I'd shoot ya if I'd see ya =)
    slavers and slaver supporters are all the same to me ;-)

  7. CVA.

    Oh dear. Are you going to be a lame RP'er now? Will we have to endure countless over-written fanfiction about the struggle of the Amarr Empire?

    We can but hope not.

  8. Look forward to seeing you around the neighbourhood.

  9. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Maybe you'll run into Ga'len or Wotlankor or evewarrior. :D

  10. My corp used to work out of providence before we joined (ironically) Goonswarm, and I was quite impressed by CVA. Goonswarm might make fun of them for their RP, but even they respect CVA's ability to fight.

    Just a warning though, seeing as you've had bad luck in the past; CVA/Paxton haven't had many problems with invasions so far because Providence is some of the worst space in the game, but Dominions promises ways to upgrade space that possibly involve outposts, and Providence has by far the most outposts of any region in the game (not to mention it's incredibly close to empire for logistics purposes), so you might be in for some major battles shortly down the road.

  11. Good luck... and remember no matter what anyone says.

    "the worst day in 0.0 is still better than the best day in empire".


  12. I'm in Providence too. We might meet some time.

  13. Get ready to DIE!


    Oh, and have fun :)