Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Logisitcs Hell

Here is the Eve Universe map courtesey of my favourite online map sit, DOTLAN maps.

Back in IRC days, the distance to the home base in D-IZ system was long, but the logisitics were fairly easy even for a jump frieghter. Etherium Reach had nothing between it and low sec and the region was peppered with Cyno Beacons such that the only cynos you needed generated for you were in low sec itself.

Let's zoom into the area I'm living in now, Wicked Creek. The distance is not as far but the journey is far more fraught with danger. Both Great Wildlands and Curse are NPC regions and are home to lots of hostiles that would like nothing more than to kill my poor, defenseless Jump Freighter.

Unfortunately, the ways around these two regions are very long and as number of jumps increases so does time, cost, and chance of deadly encounter.

It looks like the chance to do solo logistics is not very likely in this regard. Not until we can secure some safe routes through these NPC region.

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