Thursday, September 10, 2009

Black Ops Widow Secured

Last night as I was bringing all my crap together I kept checking the market of various regions for a good price on a Widow. I'm halfway through Astrometrics V for the Covert Jump Portal and with us going back to 0.0 I figured it was high time I get my ship.

Finally in Placid region I found two at a good price of 800 million and I scooped one up. Its in the process of getting back to base via the good ol' Orca.

The next step is getting my ships ready for transport to Wicked Creek. The Memories of Myxee Armageddon battleship is top on the list as its good for a lot of different tasks and requires less ammo leaving more room for cap charges and such that others may need. I'll probably take a Falcon for scouting, Stealth Bomber for fun, and an Onyx for bubble time. Hopefully get all that setup tonight so I can hit the weekend on the ground and running.

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