Friday, August 28, 2009


Since leaving Intrepid Crossing the corporation has been stuck in Limbo.

We want to go back to 0.0 space but our requirements are not making it easy to accomplish: we want to stay independent as a corp and not get absorbed into another entity, and the alliances we want to join are not looking for more corporations and other alliances looking to recruit us don't meet our leaderships standards.

To keep from getting rusty we've been doing the Low Sec Roaming gig but with the restriction that we must keep our security status above -2.0 which means much ratting or missioning to recover from a few kills. The end result is a bit of fracture in corp activity (and my solo wanderings in New Mexico are further evidence of that). It hasn't helped that one of the directors had a motherboard meltdown and is in the process of getting it fixed.

A project to focus 0n while the leadership looked for a new 0.0 home was needed and one of the directors proposed taking on some level 5 missions as a way to get some sec status repaired and work together. I readily agreed as I always wanted to do some group missions and I missions are one thing I'm willing to try without voice comms (as long as the FC agrees of course).

I'm preparing equipment to ferry to the operational headquarters in my Orca and settled on my Nighthawk for Kirith, and Derranna's Scythe as logistics support. I might see if a Salvager can fit in the Orca along with those two ships as well.

If coordination of the level 5 missions fails, I might try out the new Epic level 4 mission as I'm curious how it looks and feels and it is something I can do in my spare time here and there.


  1. corp could go roaming in npc 0.0, like great wildlands or Syndicate. Easy to get to and no sec losses.
    Wormholes are fun too.

  2. Yea, go do the wormhole thing.

    I have heard even more people are raking in the ISK with just two people!

  3. You said your corp is still following providence rules when you are in CVA influenced area... so why not move into the providence. Its bit crowded but there is plenty of pvp... plus you don't have to worry about holding sov

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  5. Just thought I'd mention it - Defi4nt alliance are a small-ish alliance that are currently renting space from Tau-Ceti Federation, but are (so the very strong rumours have it) moving out into Cloud Ring where mostly harmless are relinquishing some of their space. having been in Defi4nt myself, they're very laid back but their pvp wing has some good leadership. as they're expanding quite a bit they will welcome another corporation. You'll also be part of the Northern coalition so you'll have access to huge fleet engagements if you like that sort of thing and will have massive customer base if you're industrial-focused.

    hit up them or me (I'm with Mostly Harmless) in game if you like. (IGN: Akura kawanaka)